Free Web Hosting – Reliability Can Not Be Guaranteed

You can take advantage of free web hosting services if you’re only on the verge of starting and building your business’s physical address or you are looking to build a personal website. The only problem is you really will need to have your own website and corporate business identity online later on. If you’re using a free host for the meantime, you can still use it later on as one of your business references online. It can also give density to your business name when be searched on the major search engines. However, it could create confusion among your prospective and existing clients.

100percent_freeMore often than not, free web hosting service comprises of a limited domain name. By saying this, you’re website’s URL will be affiliated to the corresponding name of the web hosting company you’re with as a subdomain.  Though you’re not paying for it, you may suffer from the affiliation as it would be much better to have a regular domain name e.g. over a subdomain like

On the other hand, a free web hosting service is best for personal blogs or websites that do not matter to you. Bloggers who would like to make their own space online can take advantage of it. There are no charges to pay and you can maximize the features and freebies provided within the free web hosting company’s website. In this way, you can freely write and expose your works online without paying a web hosting provider. However, keep in mind that the majority of the free hosts out there do not have good support and reliability can not be guaranteed. A better option would be to use a trusted paid hosting solution. If you are serious about what you are doing online don’t take a chance on free web hosting.


CoolHandle: Shared Hosting Review

coolhandleCoolHandle began in 2001 and based their operations inside the same building the nation’s 12 largest Internet providers utilize to connect to each other in Los Angeles, California. With a state-of-art-data center and multiple Tier-1 upstream providers, 99.9% up time is guaranteed. Starter, business, and pro plans include unlimited data storage space and bandwidth usage however; as most shared hosting services, respect for storage space and bandwidth usage is expected to allow all customers proper resources. If you are shopping for a host to successfully create and maintain a website, CoolHandle could present the support you are looking for.

CoolHandle Hosting Plans

Starter Business Pro
Storage Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Name One Free One Free One Free
Parked Domains Limit 5 Limit 100 Unlimited
Dedicated IP Address Limit 5 Limit 100 Unlimited
Setup Free Free Free



Website Access/Control: Access and effective control of a website is accomplished with feature such as; a cPanel control panel, sub-domain names with plan specific limits, FTP access with plan specific limits, web-based file manager, password protected directories, customizable error pages, instant back-up restore and SSH Shell Access. These features allow for simple creation and execution of any website.

Ecommerce Ready: Setting up an online store through CoolHandle hosting is easy with a choice of shopping carts like, OSCommerce, Cube, and Zen. Security encryption becomes possible with a shared SSL Certificate, an available private SSL Certificate for business or pro plans to protect the transmission of credit card payments through PayPal.

Database Features: Database features are a MySQL database with plan specific limits and Postgre SQL database with My Administration database tools.

Website Statistics and Logs: To track website data and traffic, AwStats Web Statistics, Webalizer, a bandwidth report, raw access log files, Error logs, and referrer logs all run in real time and could be used to understand what changes if any changes need to be made to optimize website performance.

Email Services: POP3/IMAP/SMTP accounts have limits specific to plans and include, webmail, aliases, forwarding, spam assassin, spam filters, and mailing lists.

Supported Software: CoolHandle hosting services supports a selection of software such as; Website Builder, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and the 52 plus scripts available within Fantastico. Front-page support, PHP 5, custom PHP.INI files, C/C++, multimedia support, FFmpeg video support, and sub-version version control, SEO optimization packages to improve search engine rank and CloudFare CDN for faster website load is also included.

Customer Support: CoolHandle customer service professionals offer 24/7 by live server and system announcements, a knowledge base with 20+ categories, ticket submission support, and video tutorials afford a client with all the answers to any question. A 30-day money back guarantee gives a short-term safety net in case a customer is not satisfied with the CoolHandle services.


Starter Plan
36 month term: $3.95 per month
24 month term: $6.95 per month
12 month term: $7.95 per month
6 month term: $9.95 per month

Business Plan
36 and 24 month terms: $10.95 per month
12 month term: $11.95 per month
6 month term: $13.95 per month

Pro Plan
36 and 24 month terms: $12.95 per month
12 month term: $13.95 per month
6 month term: $14.95 per month


CoolHandle offers a reliable shared hosting service that includes several features and tools to make creating and maintaining a personal, business, or ecommerce website simple and rewarding while allowing you full access and control.


Four Steps to Write Compelling Articles that Will Explode Your Sales

Writing articles alone doesn’t guarantee you to get the result that you want, which is more sales. If you’re writing for the purpose of promoting your product, then writing a piece of generic content won’t do the job effectively. You need to write compelling articles in order to generate more sales from your product promotion. Here are four steps to write compelling article that will explode your sales:

1. The article title

What can you do to grab your audience’s attention from the start? You can do it by writing a good and catchy article title. So, the first thing that you need to think about is to write a catchy and attention-grabbing article title.  A “how-to” article title is persuasive enough to grab your customer’s attention. So, if you don’t know what to do, start with a “how- to”. I suggest you to take a look at the headlines in popular magazines and use those headlines as a swipe file for your article title. It will give more power to your article if you do that.

2. Luring your audience deeper

It is important to grab your audience’s attention and entice them to read your article, but this is not the end of the deal. You have to lure them deeper to keep reading your article. How can you do that? You do that by writing an enticing opening and enticing content for your article. To write an enticing opening for your article, you need to open your article with a story or something interesting. Or, you can open your article by stating a problem that your audience has. This will help to keep them reading. After that, give valuable content that will really help your audience. Research your content carefully because you will need to convince your audience that you are an expert in your field.

3. Your article sweeteners

In order to keep your article “sweet” to read, you need to give some “sweeteners” to your article. What is that? Your article sweeteners are bits and pieces of information that will enlighten your readers. For instance, if you’re writing about how to lose weight, your audience might not know that chewing the foods can help metabolism and speed up weight loss. Thus, you present this little bit of information to your audience as a “sweetener” for your article to keep them engaged.

4. The call to action

This is perhaps the most important piece of content that most people ignore. If you can’t call your audience to take action, then your article has failed in attracting their interest towards your offer. A persuasive article should have a compelling call to action that will entice the readers to take the next step right after reading the article. The key for effective call to action is to establish yourself as an expert and then invite your readers to take the next step. In this way, you will become someone who is trustworthy and your recommendation will have more weight for your audience.

Writing persuasive articles is the first and most important step to generate more sales from your promotion. If you follow the advice explained in this article, you’ll have no problem in making your article more compelling for your audience. If you still have difficulty, the only way you can do it is to practice and practice hard until you master this skill.


Web Hosting Pitfalls

world_wide_web_analogicWeb hosting is a very essential part of setting up a website. Without it, your website will not show up online no matter how great your layout is. It’s vitally important that you need to choose the best service provider online. There are different standards for choosing a company but however you may look at it, these three pitfalls are ones that you can’t afford to experience.

“Sorry, all our customer representatives are busy now.”

You just can’t have a web hosting plan with such technical support. If you’re an online entrepreneur with websites giving you income, this is one pit you can’t dig for yourself. If you think that the provider has this tendency, let it go and look for another one. A hosting provider must have a sleepless technical support with online chat support. Some may not have chat support but the reply via email is as fast as chatting with them, so that will do too.

“Limited offer: Unlimited Hosting”

There’s no such thing! Some companies actually say they offer unlimited hosting with some limitations on the memory or server resources they give and or other aspects of your website. Remember, the bandwidth is expensive. That’s part of what you’re paying for.

“Please settle your cancellation fees.”

Some companies offer a really huge discount on a hosting purchase but as soon as you decide to change providers or stop usage, they’ll surprise you big time with their cancellation fees. There are web hosting providers like WebHostingHub that do not charge any fees should you want to cancel your subscription.  If you end up checking them out for hosting they don’t use coupons but there is a WebHostingHub promo price you can take advantage of.

There are many other pitfalls some providers commit like not giving providing a money back guarantee period at all. Some overcharge. Some commit mistakes in their marketing campaigns giving false hopes to potential customers. The ones that are really good are the ones that present all information without any hidden terms. There are companies that answer every question a customer has via email and that’s one trait that all hosting companies must have. If they don’t have it, as a customer, do yourself a favour and look for another company. This is the best way to lead you away from losing your online business just because of your web host’s pitfalls. Let them fall to their own pits.